Wonga rival poised to launch Chanice Henry, October 2013

A lender is set to throw a new lending service into the arena to compete against the likes of Wonga. Provident Financial is to shortly launch online lender Satsuma Loans with the aim of being the direct opposite of a payday lender. Satsuma will not enforce extra charges for delayed payments and the loan repayments will be made weekly.Mark Stevens, Managing Director of Provident Financial's Consumer Credit division, explained how ... read more

8 Key Focus Elements Will Attract Startup Investors Martin Zwilling, Forbes, May 2013

One of the most common failures I see in startups is lack of focus. Unfocused entrepreneurs boast that their new technology will generate multiple disruptive products for consumers as well as enterprises around the world. Investors hear this as trying to do too many things with limited resources, meaning the startup will not shine at anything, and will not survive the competition. For example, just last week, I received a ... read more

Google quiety launch second VC fund, Google Capital Kent Bernhard, May 2013

Google, already a force to be reckoned with in the world of venture capital, is upping its stakes. The company has quietly launched a second VC fund, Google Capital, to invest in later stage tech startups. The company already has Google Ventures, an active player for early stage startups. Google Capital is making bets in companies closer to being acquired or going public, a Google executive said at the Red Herring 2013 ... read more

Microsofts Acquisition Strategy Bijan Sabet & Joseph Tartakoff, May 2013

Here's what the CFO of Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) says the company is looking for in an acquisition target: Companies that could bolster Microsoft's position in categories that it is already a player in but does not dominate. So don't look for Microsoft to buy a company to get into the e-reader business since Microsoft doesn't compete in that business - or at least that's what the CFO, Chris Liddell told ... read more

The cloud computing market forecast for 2013: Experts predict what to expect SearchCloudComputing.com

What changes can we expect in the CLOUD COMPUTING market in 2013? Which cloud vendors will be the big winners of 2013 - and why? What will be the hot technologies for 2013? Here's what the experts predict about the cloud computing market forecast for 2013. Bill Claybrook SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SaaS) will see heavy gains as more customers realize the value of renting software. Cloud computing technology will be used to solve ... read more

The war of the European tech hubs: Is Berlin really stealing London’s thunder?

Summary: In Europe, venture capital is getting increasingly spread out, with countries like Germany and France challenging the dominance of the UK.By Michael Filtz for The German View | August 23, 2013 The German capital of Berlin is home to one of Europe's fastest-growing start up scenes. Image: ShutterstockAbout a year ago, the founders of T Dispatch, a startup specialising in cloud-based taxi dispatching and booking software, decided to move the company from ... read more