Mangrove invests $250 million in India’s e-commerce, internet and telecom startups

(The venture capital fund…) NEW DELHI: Mangrove Capital Partners has come knocking with a $200-250 million corpus to invest in India's e-commerce, internet and telecom startups, a partner Michael Jackson at the Luxembourg-based venture capital fund said. "India is going to be a fantastic market for us because there will be millions of people getting on the internet. Second, only local technology and local solutions can resolve local problems," Michael Jackson told ET. The venture capital fund ... read more

Silicon Valley is in a bubble and it is about to burst

Silicon Valley is in a bubble and it is about to burst, one of the technology industry’s shrewdest investors has warned. A considerable number of “unicorns” — young, private technology companies worth $1 billion or more — are doomed to fail in the coming months, Sir Michael Moritz, the chairman of Sequoia Capital, told The Times. “Several years ago the atmosphere wasn’t as euphoric as it is today. Even the zaniest ... read more

CEOs share their top tips on Fundraising

Two CEOs and a VC share their experience of the fundraising process including their secrets for a good VC meetings, frustrations during the process and top tips. ICON: What was the most daunting aspect of the fundraising process? Carl: The climate we’re in. We knew it was going to be tough, but funds were extremely tight and VCs were definitely more selective than they have been in the past. They ... read more

Getting Your FinTech Funded

The global venture capital marketplace for FinTechs is very much open for business. There are significant new FinTech funds within the venture capital market and corporate venture market. VCs frequently complain about the lack of high quality opportunities for investment. The bar is always high but there are actions you can take to get noticed. However, it’s worth remembering that raising capital is not a quick process. Funding takes approximately ... read more

The Periodic Table of Tech

The 118 venture capital firms, micro-VCs, angels, accelerators, late stage investors and acquirers you should know. We wanted to share this great post by @asanwal CEO and Co-founder of CB Insights.  We’ve done a number of analyses using our data on angels, micro VCs, corporate venture arms & the top VCs in tech, but we still get lots of questions about who are the players in the tech ecosystem that folks should know.  The questions have intensified as new ... read more

Post-Google, What Dan Cobley’s GBP50m Brightbridge Fund Means For Fintech

There's yet more evidence of London's booming fintech scene this week with news that Google UK MD Dan Cobley is leaving the internet giant to start his own fintech incubator and investment fund. Cobley, who worked at Google for the past eight years, will take on the role of CEO of the newly-launched Brightbridge Capital. The new venture will start out with GBP50m (USD84m) in funding and is backed by Blenheim Chalcot and ... read more

How Two Ex-Google Guys Turned A Crappy Messaging Service Into A $100 Million App

How Two Ex-Googlers Turned A Crappy Messaging Service Into A $100 Million App Secret, the popular anonymous-sharing App, raised $25M. Here's how it went from poorly designed messaging app to RED-HOT Startup.  Before Secret was Secret, the anonymous sharing app burning up the iTunes charts, it was Whispr, an ephemeral messaging service that incidentally had the same name as the startup's current chief competitor, Whisper. The idea was to enable ... read more

You Can Now Buy Stuff From Pages Without Leaving Facebook

By Selena Larson Facebook wants to make it easier for you to buy things. On Thursday, the company announced it’s testing a new way for people to buy stuff through ads and page posts with a new buy button, allowing users to purchase products and services without leaving Facebook. The company said in a blog post that the test is limited to “a few small and medium-sized businesses in the ... read more