GO Science

ICON Corporate Finance have successful raised funding for Go Science from Kenda Capital who manage the Shell Technology Ventures Fund.

Go Science provides sensor technology services and products to the exploration, environmental science, defence & homeland security sectors.

Products and services include: undersea acoustics, communications, remote sensing, imaging and analysis, alongside, distributed processing systems, low carbon, low energy autonomous underwater or airborne vehicles and sensors using artificial intelligence.

The Company is specifically focused on mobile sensor grid technologies which offer economies of scale in survey automation. In particular the company provides mobile sensing technology in acoustic, seismic, electro magnetic and video domains.

Go Science are currently working with blue chip multinational companies in the UK and overseas to develop future surveying projects.


“ICON ran an international fundraising process and drove through a complex deal, helping to secure us two rounds of funding. They were available 24/7 and added great value”

Harry Gosling, Managing Director, GO Science