What do we mean by FinTech?

Technology that engages with or delivers financial services. We identified two distinct groups. The early innovators – FinTech businesses who provide software and services to financial services. And a newer, emerging category – the B2P pioneers. These companies are truly disrupting the market for lending and challenging traditional providers by taking financial services direct to the most powerful game-changer of all: the consumer.

What types of technology are included?

We look at every area of financial technology, from payments, mobile payments, trading and FX, Big Data, risk, compliance and business intelligence to consumer-focused currency exchanges and peer to peer lenders.

Size really doesn’t matter

This isn’t just about scale, turnover or any other size-related criteria. Any business could make the list – emerging technologies, as well as more established businesses – providing that, in the panel’s view, they have the potential to become a game-changer.

One room, one day, sixty international industry experts

The FinTech 50 panel met face to face so that they could discuss, debate and if necessary fiercely advocate which 50 companies they wanted to see included on the Watchlist.