ICON Cybersecurity Sector Briefing

Cybersecurity is a highly dynamic and rapidly evolving growth industry which Gartner predicts to exceed $170bn by 2022 (11% CAGR). Secular trends and an increased risk awareness are driving the demand for new technology, creating a hotbed for B2B cybersecurity innovation. New players are emerging at a fast rate, spurred by a large amount of available private capital. Whilst challenged legacy technology vendors are paying premium prices to acquire tomorrow’s technology leaders to foster their innovation pipelines. The US continues to be market leader but Europe has created a highly attractive cybersecurity ecosystem to master the challenges posed in an escalating arms race between the attackers and the defendants.

In our ICON Cybersecurity Sector Briefing we highlight current trends and dynamics in the sector, provide insights on market valuations, and examine the M&A and fundraising environments with a focus on Europe.

We hope you enjoy our ICON Cybersecurity Sector Briefing. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any specific topic in more detail. We look forward to talking to you.

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