The advantages and threats of Facebook and Google APIs

Panel Q1 – Is there a common theme that’s driving technology?

David Clarke, VP & CFO PayPal EMEA talks about online fraud and risk

Panel Q3 – PayPal on tackling online fraud and managing risk

Debu Purkayastha explains Google's acquisition strategy

Audience Q1 – Is Google every UK tech co’s exit strategy?

The importance and impact of angels and EIS relief.

Audience Q3. What one thing would make the UK VC scene more dynamic?

What's special about the UK for tech companies? ARM's strategy versus Intel

Audience Q2 – Should we be investing in bio and medtech rather than technology…

Nigel Miller & Alan Bristow open the CEO Agenda 2012 event and introduces the panel

CEO Agenda 2012 Panel introduction by Nigel Miller and Alan Bristow